Jan Fairley

Hi – I am planning to put up most of my writing here – commissions for Songlines, fRoots, The Scotsman, The List etc. I am also writing  a cancer blog here too as more or less out of the blue I was diagnosed with colon cancer on March 23 2011. Everything on the site appears in date order, below, beginning with the most recent column or review. Ultimate ownership of copyright remains with me and is asserted here.

I hope you enjoy this blog! Feel free to get in touch via my website http://www.janfairley.co.uk/

Thanks, Jan


About Jan Fairley

I am an experienced and passionate ethnomusicologist working as an arts and music journalist and broadcaster, writer and editor as well as researcher, lecturer, radio presenter and producer. I have a breadth of organising experience at home and abroad. I am a fluent Spanish speaker. I love travelling and have worked abroad (notably Chile 1971-3 and again in 1994) and researched in Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Finland.
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One Response to Jan Fairley

  1. Juan de Marcos says:

    Hola Jan, Te encontre aqui, pero no puedo verte en facebook. No importa, supongo que lees esto tambien. Besos. Juan de Marcos

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