‘Anne Summers’ for cancer patients?

Only joking! Yesterday, while the wonderful Rona (Ronatherapy), who has been coming each week to give me reflexology (and yesterday my feet were really improving –  less cold, less numb, more circulation, could feel blood throbbing through,  big toes responding), was here,  my enema kit was delivered. We opened it and I  made jokes about  the brown rubber tubing and the different ‘ends ‘ it has, the special lubricating eco ‘jelly’  and what use they might all be put!…

I had ordered it from my mobile (which i rarely use, save for texts!) while on the Canal boat trip with Liza Coates. Being on a canal boat was BLISS blis bliss. It was sheer pleasure, like doing something you have thought about for years that then  exceeds expectations.  I love the minimalism of canal boats,  and the way they glide along, and  adored skippering even if I did make ‘Jessica’ as she is called  tack from side to side for a bit – you have to keep  the tiller steady to keep a straight line in the middle of the canal  avoiding weed at sides which can (and did when we turned round) get into motor blades.

Liza was  trusting and a very generous unfussy host. I  loved lighting the small stove which made the atmosphere inside cosy and using the galley kitchen, and just standing at the front, or with Liza at back, and watching everything there was to see. The sun came out and the light was perfect and the  bridges and wild plants and trees  at the side were reflected  in the water.  Took some good photos.  Definately something i want to repeat as often as possible. Liza will take the green and orangey/red painted ‘Jessica’  (who comes from Cheshire) on the Edinburgh to Glasgow canal at the middle-end of the month with lots of other folk in their boats,  to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the canal re-opening. I do hope i can go along and be part of it for a day or two! Crossing fingers i behaved well enough to be asked back… it is very ‘Wind in the Willows’ish – the pace is perfect!

So last night I used my enema kit, looking up various ways of making the coffee liquid and slightly  bemused not to say confused  by fluid ounces, quarts and pints etc. I made a bed out of cushions and towels on my beautiful bathroom floor, hung the plastic jug from the towel rail and hey presto.  I did a very mild coffee solution as not sure what level i  can take yet. I had no trouble holding in a pint for 15 minutes, and I think my bowel gave a very good response! There is  much written about coffee enemas  on the web. It seems from browsing that anyone ‘officia’l  is askance and talks polemic-  unprepared to listen and talk to those who have found it beneficial in releasing toxins from the liver. You have to be careful after chemotherapy that you do not release too many toxins as they  can be re-absorbed in the sygmoid colon  before it is eliminated which can give you a reaction – so they say. Imbalance your ‘electrolytes’ etc I don’t think many doctors know first hand anyway it seems all hearsay or conjecture.

My doctor looked askance a week or so when i mentioned  the idea… any chat about diet  or enemas or enzymes etc and doctors in my experience mostly  dismiss the idea there might be benefits.  The placebo effect in itself is worth having! My oncologist is also doubting and dismissive about it all the same with ‘no proof’ arguments  … anyway i’d crawl on my  knees over cinders to Mexico’s Virgen of Guadeloupe if someone told me it would help me beat this cancer.  I  have visited the Virgin of Guadeloupe in Mexico several times and  i keep a small image of her by  my bed. I am totally into vVrgen culture as my close friends know and have various images around of different Virgens. I have been to various Virgen festivals – written about them for The Scotsman even – and given academic papers on them even. I love all popular manifestatiosn of religion- they are in thmselves religious even though most participants rarely  go to church, often feeling too humble or out of place there.   I have taken many photos of Virgens around the world. I think i might  have a photo exhibition before christmas if i can – and of my  ‘old women’  photos – why not!!  I could sell them and fundraise for Maggie Centre or similar or my own ‘alternative’ complementary treatment.

I went to Scottish based German herbalist Jean de Vries yesterday morning, and he gave me some drops to take and said all the enzymes I have are good! Afterwards  i dropped in at Homebase and got some vegetable plants, bulbs and flowers and spent some time in the garden. De Vries said toi walk a lot and get plenty of green fresh air,  and to spend little time as possible at the computer  (well he said the former and I said the latter)!

off to cut the grass no,  and thento WG  for my scan see if cancer is till growing or just steady…


About Jan Fairley

I am an experienced and passionate ethnomusicologist working as an arts and music journalist and broadcaster, writer and editor as well as researcher, lecturer, radio presenter and producer. I have a breadth of organising experience at home and abroad. I am a fluent Spanish speaker. I love travelling and have worked abroad (notably Chile 1971-3 and again in 1994) and researched in Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Finland.
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