Introducing henny Fairleys Annie, Lizzie and Moira!! gosh back on my blog after quite a gap as messed up access-  thank you Emily, Joyce and Chris for getting me back in again! I am feeling radiant on steroids and full of energy despite the fact that i am now in final weeks of life after a stay in Western General Hospital almost a month ago. There thanks to radiologists Dr Glancey and Dr Melios  i had a miraculous tiny almost do-it-yourself  drain fitted to my stomach for 36 hours which drained  off 8 and a half litres of protein liquid my cancers have been weeping into my stomach! might put a picture up folks –  gory!!

only downside was that my blood pressure dropped low – it’s low anyway-  so for next 10 days i lay around in bed at home not sure which way up or whether  i was feeling either i was about to faint or be sick – BP  it was 70 80 90 over /// In end i went to the wonderful Marie Curie Hospice for 8 day stay where they stabilised me and now i have a smll permanent drip in my arm  which the district nurses now come here home every day to change via a syringe pump and this keeps me able to function. I have a massive appetite  being on steroids gives me energy and means i hardly need to sleep – i think it is like being on amphetamines!

Family have been here – grandosns Kabe and Theo and their parents –  all the time – and friends from afar and close to home – and lots of great Easter celebrations.  My treat to myself was hens for the garden which i have always wanted. It was fast – i bought a hen coop on line and it arraived two days later. Paul a super efficient young guy who does gardens built it for me; then  went and got hens. They  were given me by lovely generous hen keeper Jane out of Roseeell whose name i found on the internet and who when she heard from me i needed hens quickly  for these final weeks offered me two of hers. Thing was there was some disapproval at tiees in casae it was trying to do too much and Paul’s Dads ‘ a poultry men’ tunred out to be  barn battery Marshalls chunky chicken experience and he told Jane free hens got eaten by foxes… bad karma…

I decided to wait until i had a proepr run and had won people round and that night Jane;s had gone to a wedding leaving her father in law to put hens into coop and he forgot and a fox got them after all- yes thta bad karme … it was April  Fool’s Day next day but this was no joke and Jane was sure if i had taken them Moira and Lizzie would have been still alive.

Still i got a coop and named two of the hens after Moira and Lizzie. The 3rd called  Annie, named by Fran, a neat brown hen,  laid immediately and i get an egg a day. Moira and Lizzie will lay shortly. They love the garden and their house and i let them out to scratch around at least once a day.

The blessings keep coming as yesterday the man from the local Mexican shop Caoba in Stockbridge sold me his own chiminea as he is not expecting any delivery for a month so going to have garden central heating while sit in my blue garden Yemaya house watching the hens!

Meanwhile i am puting all my reveiw tickets into art books – i have collected a pile over time- by no means all – since 1998 ish and am calling the books ‘Just some of the culture i have enojoyed’ or ‘An Edinburgh Woman’s Cultural Life’ or ‘the gigging girl’ – such fun!

Two old friend’s  Simon Frith and another mate Ian Christie are editing a book of my  work bringing together chapters i have written for various publications and journalism for fRoots and Songlines and The Scotsman  which is thrilling  if not a bit egocentric !

I am making codicils to my will concerning my extensive Chile, Cuban, world music and radio archive  and donating them to various people and institutions. The responae on the IASPM list when i asked for advice through up really excellent debate and suggestions.

I am listening every day to a  crazykitsch  Italian record i bought in the market in Carrara in 2010 – Collezione Italiana de Renato Carosone- songs form the 40s and 50s and 60s – gorgeously cheerful and upbeat

hasta pronto anyone who read this thanks for your support always!!


About Jan Fairley

I am an experienced and passionate ethnomusicologist working as an arts and music journalist and broadcaster, writer and editor as well as researcher, lecturer, radio presenter and producer. I have a breadth of organising experience at home and abroad. I am a fluent Spanish speaker. I love travelling and have worked abroad (notably Chile 1971-3 and again in 1994) and researched in Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Finland.
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  1. Caro Tulloch says:

    Hi Jan – Hope you and your henny pennies have been enjoying the sunshine this afternoon – love the photos on facebook. If there is anything I can do please call but it sounds like you are surrounded and I won’t intrude. Thinking of you and sending lots of love. Caro xx

  2. Kate Marrian says:

    Lovely read Jan, we are looking forward to meeting said hens and seeing you on Friday. x

  3. suepydc says:

    Lovely to hear you Jan xxx

  4. DELPULPO says:

    Jan – hi –

    Ever since I met you I felt your amazing zest and passion for music and it’s incredibly rich and convoluted history right through to the tip of the arrow of time as we sit – forging our way in the moment into the infinite future and the exciting upwellings of new musicz.
    You have inspired me and touched us with your special gatherings round your house – (the girls love you) in all of edinburgh and the northern hemisphere I never felt so at home and with my contempories and colleagues and – FAMILY. I knew this because there was a level of relaxation and security that came from being there – table tennis in basement always rocked –
    From very early beginnings of wild dancing in Santiago d Cuba with you I remember discovering you are a wonderful lady as the salsa dance we had – turned into a free form afro celtic spinning moment – fantastic daring and courage in the act of dance to jump and go with the flow
    We Love you Jan

  5. Hi Jan
    I’ve been slow to catch up with your news, but now I’m back in Edinburgh after six months in Tanzania and I’d love to come round and see you if you are up to it. I think of all the many kindnesses you have done me with joy and affection. Rosemary

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