Cuban women musicians talk to Jan Fairley: ‘Saliendo del cuarto de Tula’; Camino de Santiago and ‘Old ladies’ exhibition photos up on Facebook.

Hey i’ve gone youtube folk! In the early 2000+ i interviewed many  Cuban women musicians in preparation for a book on’ Women and Music in Cub’a (which as usual, having been tardy over it, despite having  given many conference and seminar papers on different aspects of the book and different women – i am working on it at the moment – thanks to typist friend  Kate Maxwell).

Thanks to Edinburgh  based  Colombian webperson Juliana González, I have put up fragments on youtube – the link is below. They are in Spanish of course; and  they are quite focused  and worth a look i reckon!

Its called ‘Saliendo del cuarto de Tula’,  as that is an ‘oldish’ rather gorgeous Cuban son which Buena Vista Social Club made famous, which tells the story of a woman in her bedroom whose ‘fire’ cannot be quenched, i.e likening a woman to a prostitute and insinuating she is a  nymphomaniac into the bargain – all good fun etc but hey –  I am a woman, so it gets slightly tiresome to listen to that mesage a lot even when dancing.  I got research  grant in 2000 (!) (long time ago) to interview women in Cuba and i began by giving a paper at a Cubadisco seminar (thank you Cary Diez)  asking what we women musicians –  we Tulas – where really  to be found doing behind our bedroom doors? Writing? Composing? doing IT? practising?  singing? making msuic? making art? creating? So that is why the book will be called ‘Coming out of Tulas bedroom’ and why the series of clips –  which are just that – clips- only a few examples – have the same name. I got a good reaction at Cubadisco and the cluips juist touch on small aspect of what making music actually  means to some of  these women.

I have also put up on Facebook most of the photographs that are in the exhibition ‘Old Ladies and some old Men’, which i mounted on 4 December 2011 in memory of my mother Edith May Fairley  (it was her birthday anniversary) and which hangs permanently down  my staircase.  We had  a lovely party that day at home – i think i blogged about it – with about 40 of us singing a serenade to our mothers to the ‘Mother’s Song’ of musician friend Dougie Hudson with some of his mates from the group Baobab Tree (Andy Cooke) and Chimp (Capercaillie).

Anyway now it is possible to see the photos on my Facebook page (thank you ladies and old men – trust this is not too exploitative of you). Plus the photo diary I took when i walked to Santiago de Comppstela l to arrive on my birthday 16 March 2007 (although for some reason it reverses so it begins at Finisterer and and there are a lot of photos).

Today the firm Bishops Move came and packed up the archive boxes and shoeboxes of tapes and LPs and CDs of my archive collection – boies and boxes-  took 6 hours… and most of it was prepacked: going to AMPUC (Archive Catholic University – poetic as i first taught in Chile for the Cstholic University in Temuco in the south), Chile; Canada and Cardiff – coincidentally the three Cs. Felt good to get it all out the house which is lighter of course as a result! All idinsyncratic, of non-commerical educational value only – some cultural value though!

One of my old friends Stan Rijven came from Amsterdam today with his partner Sonja and among other things we found IASPM photos from  conferences in 1983 in Reggio Emilia Italy and 1985 Montréal, Canada.  We played a board game called Barricade Stan brought for my children in the mid 1980s. Stan won-  glad he did not ‘let me’ win, even though without him Sonja and i would have been stymied. One to grow on you – fab game. We listened to jazz: Ella and Louis, a disc from the 1950s, and John Handy.

Lovely day- two hens eggs –  still rats in the hen run but working on it Network Rail will come clear bank of railway line behind house soon. Bedraggeld hens after lots rain today turned their run into a mud bath really.  But they still clucking as am I.


About Jan Fairley

I am an experienced and passionate ethnomusicologist working as an arts and music journalist and broadcaster, writer and editor as well as researcher, lecturer, radio presenter and producer. I have a breadth of organising experience at home and abroad. I am a fluent Spanish speaker. I love travelling and have worked abroad (notably Chile 1971-3 and again in 1994) and researched in Cuba, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Finland.
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  1. Jenny Harper says:

    Six hours! That’s a whole house removal. Can’t wait to see your ‘lighter’ house Jan. What astonishing energy you have. Love Jenny x

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